Weather app offers the classic way to check the weather conditions of multiple locations on Android and on classic Java based devices. The beautifully rendered vector images delivers the best possible user experience on any device independent of screen resolution or pixel density.

The compact 2x1 size widget on Android platform designed to fit into a wide variety of wallpapers and color themes.

Five different locations can be checked simultaneously to stay up to date with their weather conditions and the local times. Autorefresh function can be used to keep the data up to date at minimal cost to battery life. Data may be refreshed based on the data age indicator located in the lower left corner.


  • Display up to five cities at a time
  • Vector icons makes it beautiful on every screen sizes.
  • Current location determined using cell ID, GPS or IP address
  • Compact widget for any of the five cities
  • Global city search function
  • Metric or US units
  • Add city based on name or coordinates
  • Correct time on each locations even if the phone clock set incorrectly
  • Data traffic kept to minimum
  • Background refreshing with minimal battery usage
  • Data age indicator

The app offers three different views: Overview for all cities, Forecast and Current Condition screen for each cities.


You can check the current weather conditions in your locations on the same screen with this view. Basically this is a list with the selected cities and the current conditions of those locations.


This is a four days forecast for one location at a time. You can change the location with the Left/Right navigation buttons. For each location you can check the high and low temperature and precipitation levels forecasts for the next four days.

Current conditions

You can see the current detailed weather conditions for each location. Change between locations with the Left/Right navigation buttons. The following data is available on this screen (from top to down):

  • Temperature
  • RealFeel™ temperature
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Pressure value and tendency
  • UV index
  • Relative humidity
  • Precipitation levels
  • Sunrise and sunset times
The number of items may vary on different screens, try to use the fullscreen mode ('0' zero key) to get the most lines visible.

You can use this midlet in conjunction with the Sunclock midlet. If you already use the Sunclock, the Weather will import your city settings from it. Otherwise you will get the default city set. You can modify the cities with the Cities menu item or you can search locations on the internet using the New City menu. For better city search results sometimes it's needed to add the country code after the city name. For example if you want to locate Halle, DE you should use the query string "Halle DE" because there are a lot of American cities with similar name so the search for "Halle" wouldn't work. It is possible to change the units between metric and American system. There is an update function where you can check any software updates using the Update menu item. The Help and About functions will display the usual information screens, getting help, checking version and so on.

If you find layout problems on a Java device, you may check the other available variants using the 'Variant' function. This function doesn't change the layout immediately; it just sets your required variant if you will make an 'Update' in the future. If you changed the preferred variant, the system will allow the update even if there isn't a newer version available.

You can find the description of the DST rules on the tech page of the Sunclock midlet website.

hotkeys (Java only)

*toggle fullscreen
1new city
6change units
7variant selection
8toggle builtin/custom fonts

Warning! Weather midlet requires a GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wifi or similar data connection that provides Internet access.


Java download v1.2.12

Download the application to your computer for local (bluetooth/irda/cable) install:

Android download v1.2.14

Download the variant for your preferred app store:


You have two main options to installing this midlet to your mobile phone.
  • The easiest method is the OTA, just start your internal phone browser and navigate to the website, select a suitable variant (if unsure, select the first one with the lowest number) and download and install the software like any other java application.
  • The most confortable way is to download the proper variant to your computer and send the downloaded XXX.jar file to your device using bluetooth or cable connection.
  • For more information see this tutorial.




release notes

Weather v1.2.14 @ 11/15/2015 10:22 PM
  • - Wind direction fixed
Weather v1.2.12 @ 11/15/2015 09:19 PM
  • Wind forecast added
Weather v1.2.10 @ 08/17/2014 03:49 PM
  • - Message bubbles show up only once now
  • - Return to old style Canvas painting due to issues on older devices
Weather v1.2.8 @ 08/15/2014 12:37 PM
  • - First version for Android
  • - Improved location handling
  • Performance boost for server side search
  • Multiple data supplier support added
  • Full icon redesign
Website update: server @ 07/19/2013 09:49 AM
Server upgrade, new server under all related web services, please let me know all transition issues!
Weather v1.2.6 @ 08/08/2011 09:36 AM
  • Font problem fixed
Weather v1.2.4 @ 08/08/2011 09:27 AM
  • Bubble will show only until next restart
  • Bubble text first char error
Weather v1.2.2 @ 07/24/2011 10:26 AM
  • BlackBerry splash screen bug fixed
Weather v1.2.0 @ 07/23/2011 10:28 PM
  • Current position with location API (GPS) support
  • Bubble message and version notification
  • Internal feedback function
  • Splash screen could be disabled
  • Refresh interval could be 24h too
  • Improved font rendering quality
Website update: fixed @ 07/18/2011 11:12 PM
Feedback system damaged at 20th Jun, fixed now (meantime feebacks restored) and the compatibility block removed, works on almost all of the handsets.
Website update: fixed @ 03/01/2010 03:48 PM
AccuWeather fixed the problem, the service is working fine again. Thanks!
Website update: breaking @ 03/01/2010 02:28 PM
Breaking news added, to explain the situation with the AccuWeather feed problems, updates available regularly. Check the websites for news or follow me on twitter @gega.


Download the nightly svn backup here: weather-nightly.tgz
(0MB created: 1970-01-01)

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